Album: Forgotten Rebels - Burn The Flag (1978)
Cassette Front:

Album: Burn The Flag
Release Date: Early 1978
Label: Self Released
Format: CS

Track Listing:
A1. You're A Rebel Too
A2. In Love With The System
A3. New Wave Girl
B1. National Unity
B2. Reich 'N Roll
B3. Angry

Vocals & Guitar: Mickey DeSadist
Bass: Chriss Suicide
Drums: Mr. Madness

- Album is available on Tomorrow Belongs To Us and In Love With The System Reissue CDs
- "Recorded early '78 on the cheapest Radio Shack equipment money could buy..... on a $1.99 blank cassette. 40 copies sold from the stage." (taken from Tomorrow Belongs To Us CD liner notes)
- First tape the Forgotten Rebels ever sold was to Imants Krumins (passed away June 9, 2011).
- "we did a tape called Burning The Flag. That was me, Angelo, Tony and Chriss.... we did it on a borrowed Radio Shack tape recorder! And that was the first demo." - Maximum Rock'N'Roll #178 March 1998