In a world and time where absolute free sex was everywhere, drunk driving was normal, sponsorship was a sellout to the system, mushrooms were legal, political correctness wasn't even a thought and sex, music and fashion were one and the same...The Forgotten Rebels were born.

The punk rock movement had just started and the young teens of the day were drawn to the chaos,rawness and truth of this new mutation. In particular a raged group of motley youth from Hamilton Canada in 1977 were to bring a decidedly more offensive level, more in your face, and more obscene than anyone had ever dared, and the Rebels spend the next 20 plus years influencing many new bands and making a mark that was there's alone. Although it was done as a "let's just get any reaction" statement, the tongue n cheek humor of the Rebels was to be there notoriety and there Achilles heel forever more.

When the band started " to get free beer and chicks " a decision was made to laugh and poke fun at everything, everyone, everywhere, leaving none left out of the joke, even themselve's . Singer and founding member and frontman extrodinair Mickey De Sadist recalls "The band's we most admired were, Bowie, T-Rex, Gary Glitter,and the Sweet", but being new to musical instruments the best we could pull off was a bad out of key version so we decided to write our own songs with less chords.

In the summer of 77 they released a cassette tape entitled "Burn the flag" and soon followed with the infamous 4 song EP"Tomorrow belongs to us" which garnered the Rebels attention and some critical acclaim, history would be much kinder as this EP now commands around $150-200 and is regarded around the world as one of the finest Punkrock records ever made. It was reissued on CD in 1998 and one writer wrote "This cd is possibly one of the longest awaited reissues in punk rock history".

The first full length album was released in 1979 entitled "In love with the system" and solidified there position forever in the "Punk hole of fame" Many tracks were instant college and party classics and still are to this day.The title track and three less innocent tracks "Bomb the Boats, Fuck me Dead and Elvis is Dead" were to take the band on a ride that would last till this day as founding members of punk rock. In 1981 a new album was released "This ain't Hollywood" and a drummer switch to Dave Mcghire who was the bands sound man and roadie before joining. He will remain as the rebels bones man till present day. This album also contained the Rebels signature party anthem song "Surfin on Heroin" which is without a doubt one of the best known punk party songs in history.

After constant touring in the early 80's the Rebels returned to the studio in 1985 to record a 4 song ep entitled "Boys will be boys" and there first filmed video for the above titled song. Soon after "1986" released a new full album entitled "The Pride and the Disgrace" due to massive alcohol and drug abuse,the band recall's(it should have been called the Disgrace!) but it does stand as an good example of what excess will lead to.

In 1988 the Rebels signed a new American record deal with Restless/ Enigma/ Capitol records. In 1989 after releasing the new album "Surfin on Heroin" and after a show in Tiajuana mexico longtime guitar player mike "taster" mirabella quit the band. After returning to the Rebels home base Hamilton Canada, they soon regrouped with long time friend Jeff Campbell on guitar from the "Throbs". In 1990 the band released a "self titled" album on the world that would be forever called "untitled" because of an "here we go again" alcohol induced screw up.

After 3 more years of touring the Rebels returned to the studio in 1994 to record album number 6 entitled "Criminal zero"after filming 2 video's for the songs "the Hammer" and "Buried alive" the Rebels in 1995 went out on tour again with another underground classic "Autosuck" under there belt. Since fall 1997 the Rebels have been writing new songs and Selling out Venues in North America and Europe. The Rebels decided to go back into the studio and record an ALL NEW CD for OPM / EMI records entitled "Nobody's Hero's". World wide release date is Sept 5th 2000, tours are set for Europe "October", Canada "november" and the US in January.

The Forgotten Rebels have toured/played with such bands as: the Clash, the Ramones, sir Iggy Pop, the Cramps, Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson and many many others.

NOTE: Biography transcribed from Brief Anthology (2000) liner notes with grammatical errors intact.

Current Members
Mike Grelecki (Vocals)

AKA: Mickey DeSadest, Mickey DeSadist, Mickey
Founded: August 1977
Albums: All
Other Bands: Black Curtain (Vocals, Bass 1974 for 6 months), Damien (Vocals, Guitar 1975 for 6 months), Slippery When Wet (Vocals, Guitar 1976- Early 1977), The Mickey DeSadist Show (Vocals ?-?), L.A.M.F. (New York Dolls/Johnny Thunders Revue) (Vocals ?-?)

Notes: Born: April 10, 1957. Attended Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. Mickey played lead guitar in the Forgotten Rebels until 1978 when they got their first guitarist. Married on June 19, 1999. Previous jobs: Otis Elevator. First song performed live was Stairway to Heaven with Black Curtain in 1974 because their guitarist couldn't sing and play at the same time.

Jeffrey Campbell (Guitar)

AKA: Jeffrey Dee Campbell, Jeffrey Dee, Jeff C
Joined: 1989
Albums: Untitled, Criminal Zero, Nobodys Hero's, Live - Last Ones Standing
Other Bands: Mad Daddys (?-?), The Chosen Few (Guitar 1984-?), The Throbs (Guitar ?-1986-?)

Shawn Maher (Bass)

AKA: TT Mahar
Joined: Mid 2000
Albums: Live - Last Ones Standing
Other Bands: Sven Gali (Bass 1987-1996, 2007–present)

Dan Casale (Drums)

AKA: Dangerous Danny C.
Joined: 2004
Albums: Live - Last Ones Standing
Other Bands: Currently of Nasties (Drummer Jan 2015-Current), Previously of Riotstar (Drummer ?-2002), The Red Light Rippers (Drummer 2005?- June 2007), Poisoned Aeros (Drummer ?-June 2006)

Former Drummers
1977-1978: Angelo Maddalena (aka Styx / Mr. Madness)
Albums: Burn The Flag
Other Bands: Unknown
Note: Forgotten Rebels first drummer. Departed from the band in early 1978.
1978-1978, 1981-1981: Robert Allen (aka Rob Allan)
Albums: This Ain't Hollywood
Other Bands: Former of Jets? (Drummer ?-?), Later of Mad Daddys (Drummer ?-?)
Note: Was in the band from September to October 1978 and played live only a couple of times. Then in the band again from 1981 until summer of 1981.
1978-1979: Pete Lotimer (aka Pete Treason)
Albums: Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Other Bands: Later of Loudmouths (Drummer ?-?), Later of Throbs (Drummer 1985-1988), Later of Lorrainas (Drummer 2005)
Note: Left band August 1979

1978?-1979?: Cleave Anderson
Albums: None
Other Bands: Former Battered Wives (Drummer Jan-Dec 1978), Later of Tyranna (Drummer 1979-1980), The Wayouts (Drummer 1979?-?), Later of The Sharks (Drummer 1980-1982), Later of Gamma Gamma (1982-1984) Later of Handsome Ned & The Hayseed Hellions (1982-1984), Later of Blue Rodeo (Drummer 1984-1989), Screaming Sam (Drummer 1993-1997), John Borra Band (Drummer 1997-Present), Screwed (Drummer 2004-Present), The Beat Club (Drummer ?-Present) (
Note: Played live only a couple of times.

1979-1980: Larry Potvin (aka Larry Electrician)
Albums: In Love With The System, Executive Outcomes
Other Bands: Oh No's (Drummer ?-?)
Note: Joined in the summer of 1979 and left August 1980

1980-1980: Chuck MacDonald
Albums: Executive Outcomes
Other Bands: Later of The Urge (Drums ?-?), Later of The Calling (Drums ?-?) and Later of Conditional Response (Drums ?-?)
Note: Was only in the band during the recording of the 1980 demo tape found on Executive Outcomes

1983-1984: Joe Csontos (aka Rockhead)
Albums: ?
Other Bands: Teenage Head (Drummer ?-?), Throbs (?-?), Loudmouths (Drummer ?-?), Simply Saucer (Drummer 2006-2009)
Note: Replaced Dave McGhire temporarily 1983 to fall 1984.

1981-2003: Dave McGhire (aka Dave England / Dave McGhee / Dave McGhie / Damien McGlieu)
Albums: Boys Will Be Boys, The Pride And The Disgrace, Surfin' On Heroin, Untitled, Criminal Zero, Nobodys Hero's
Other Bands: Previously of the original lineup of Dream Dates (1978-1978), Slander (Bass 1978-1982 replacing Carl Johnson) and Untouchables (Bass 1982-?), The Chosen Few (1984-?)
Note: Dave McGhire was replaced temporarily by Joe Csontos from 1983 to fall 1984. Was a former sound guy and roadie for the Rebels since 1978 before joining.

2003-2004: Paul Newman
Albums: None
Other Bands: Doughboys (Drummer 1990-1997), Blue Mercury Coupe (Drummer 2004?-Present)

Former Bassists
1977-1977: Pete Timusk (aka Peter Paranoid, Peter Nasty)
Albums: None
Other Bands: The Iguana Puppets (197x), Insurrection (1979?), Little Sister (197x), The Primitives (197x), 'Chris, Jim and Pete' (197x), The Comdemended (197x), The incense Essence (199x), Fresh Dogma (1998-?), Flinch (1995-1998), Carla Parchelo (Accompanyist) (199x), The Mechanic City Psychos (199x), E1 Feden (199x)
Note: Forgotten Rebels first bassist.

1977-1979: Carl Johnson (aka Chriss Suicide)
Albums: Burn The Flag, Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Other Bands: Slander (Bassist 1979-1981? replaced by Dave McGhire)
Note: Started in band in August 1977 and left band August 1979

1979-1980: Chris Houston (aka Pogo Au Go Go, Carl Johnson, Chuck Yer Biscuits)
Albums: In Love With The System, Executive Outcomes
Other Bands: Chris Houston and the Sex Machine (?-?), One Eyed Jacks (Bass/Vocals 1981-1982), De Voo Voo (Bass ?-?), The Evil Twang (1984-), Garnet Sweatshirt (?-?), Chris Houston solo (1980-Present), Chris Houston Band (Vocals/Guitar 1987-88)
Note: Joined the band Dec? 1979. Left the band September 1980

1981-1986: John Welton
Albums: This Ain't Hollywood, Rhona Barrett/Tell Me You Love Me/Boys Will Be Boys
Other Bands: Intentions? (Guitar ?-1981?), Later of Moon Crickets (Bassist ?-?), Blue Angels (?-1988-?), The Coop (?-2014+)

1982?-1989?, 1991?-1991?: Mike Szykowny (aka Mike Lumen, Spike)
Albums: The Pride And The Disgrace, Untitled, Surfin' On Heroin
Other Bands: ?
Note: Was in the band for 8 years. After 1989? took a break and them played with the band for another year during 1991?.

198?-198?: Unknown
Albums: None
Other Bands: Unknown
Note: A 'roadie' played live for 8 months with the Rebels says Mike Szykowny

1989- Late 1991: Dave Kyle
Albums: None
Other Bands: Later of Crimson Jimson (Bassist ?-?)
Note: Played a many gigs as a member and participated in some of the pre-production demos at MetalWorks Studio for the album Criminal Zero. Left the band due to issues with drummer Dave McGhire.

1992-1997: Chaz Coats-Butcher
Albums: Criminal Zero
Other Bands: Previously of Lee Aaron (Bassist ?-?), Phil Naro (Bassist 1990?-1992?), Invisible Man (Vocals 2001-Present)

1997-2001: Steve Mahon (Marshall)
Albums: ?
Other Bands: Teenage Head (Bassist 1975-Present)
Note: Founding member of Teenage Head

Former Guitarists
1978?-1978?: Dave Howitt
Albums: ?
Other Bands: Unknown
Note: First guitarist, taking over for Mickey.

1978-1978: Tony Maddalena (aka Les Ripper)
Albums: ?
Other Bands: Unknown
Note: Joined the band in early 1978.

1978-1980: Alan J. Smolak (aka Al McCombo)
Albums: In Love With The System, Executive Outcomes
Other Bands: Later of The Saloonatics (Guitars ?-?)
Note: Joined Rebels in March 1978 and left the band after a show on August 16, 1980. Passed away February 11, 2004.

1980?-1981: Mark Shuter
Albums: None
Other Bands: Former of Chants? (Guitar ?-?), Former of Revenge? (Guitar ?-?), Former of Play Set Pizza Patio? (Guitar ?-?)
Notes: Left band in summer of 1981.

1981-1989: Mike Mirabella (aka Mike Taster)
Albums: This Ain't Hollywood, Boys Will Be Boys, The Pride and The Disgrace, Surfin' On Heroin
Other Bands: Intentions? (Guitar ?-?), Later of Lordz of Brooklyn (Guitars ?-?)
Note: Ran a restaurant in Hamilon called 'Shades of Zal'. Quit after a show in Tiajuana Mexico.

Biography information referenced from album liner notes, 'The Mole' Issue #2 and information supplied by members of the Forgotten Rebels.