Album: VA - Welcome Home, Punk! (2003)
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Album: Welcome Home, Punk!
Release Date: 2003
Label: Amp Records (No Number)
Format: CD

Track Listing:
01. The Comrades- This Is Not Entertainment
02. Dead Celebrities- Second Skin
03. The Bullys- Gimme Gimme Gimme
04. The Independents- Little Blue
05. The Vapids- These Kids Are Sick
06. Meat Depressed- You're A Dick
07. Liquor Pigs- Someones Gonna Fuckin Die
08. Blockage- I Owe You Everything
09. King Rat- Goodbye '99
10. Carbona- Norma Jean
11. Manges- She's Right
12. The Hymans- Please Let Me In
13. Psy-9- Bankrobber Boy
14. The Let's Go's- C'mon
15. The Unknown- Postcard
16. Mickey DeSadist- Hawaii On Welfare
17. Anna & The Psychomen- My Little Ghoul Girl
18. Muck & The Mires- A Little Twist
19. The Overpriveleged- Why Are You Here
20. The Broke- The Bureau
21. Sex Sex Sex- Punk Rock Pioneer
22. Spoiled Rotten- Glitter Titz
23. Teenage Rehab- I'll Walk Away
24. The McRackins- Joey's Got A Yo-Yo
25. Flat Stanley- Seahag
26. Grayline- One More Time
27. The Trakes- Circle Logic
28. Vrisak Generacije- No Need
29. Fuzz Factor- A Better Person
30. Dirtshakes- The CCC Took Joey Away

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- This was a label sampler and only came in a plastic sleeve, not a plastic CD tray.