Album: VA - Loud & Abusive (1988)
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Album: Loud & Abusive
Release Date: Spring 1988
Label: Restless/Medusa Records (EPRO-77)
Format: Cassette

Track Listing:
A1. Forgotten Rebels - Surfin' On Heroin
A2. Social Distortion - Prison Bound
A3. MX Machine - No Glam Fags
A4. Gothic Slam - Skankin'
A5. AMQA - Mutant Cats From Hell
A6. Mucky Pup - Life 4 Def
A7. Sex Pistols - Stepping Stone
A8. Shock Treatment - Flesh & Blood

B9. MX Machine - Fuck The Neighbors
B10. Gothic Slam - Living To Survive
B11. SOcial Distortion - Lost Child
B13. Forgotten Rebels - (Let's Go Back To) Vietnam
B14. Mucky Pup - Bush Pig
B15. Sex Pistols - Submission
B16. Lethal Dose - The Abbatoir

- This was a promotional cassette issued by Restless and Medusa Records and was not for retail sale.