Album: Forgotten Rebels - This Ain't Hollywood (1982)
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Album: This Ain't Hollywood
Release Date: May 14, 1982
Label: Star Records (SR002)
Format: 12" Vinyl, 12" Red Vinyl, CS

Track Listing:
A1. Hello Hello (I'm Back Again)
A2. Tell Me You Love Me
A3. This Ain't Hollywood
A4. Don't Hide Your Face
A5. Memory Lane
A6. Surfin' On Heroin
B1. Rhona Barrett
B2. The Me Generation
B3. England Keep Yer Stars
B4. Eve Of Destruction
B5. Your Own Little World
B6. Save The Last Dance For Me
B7. It Won't Be Long

Vocals and Guitar: Mickey DeSadist
Guitar: Mike Mirabella
Bass: John Welton
Drums: Robert Allan

Produced By: Bob Bryden

- Matrix Number (12" Vinyl 1st Pressing): SR 002 A / SR 002 B
- Matrix Number (12" Vinyl 2st Pressing): SR 002 A2 / SR 002 B2
- Matrix Number (1996 12" Red Vinyl Pressing):
- November 1981 - record The Forgotten Rebels 'This Ain't Hollywood' LP at Sound Kitchen in Toronto, ON. (Source: Bob Bryden's website)
- January to March 1982 - Mixdown of Forgotten Rebels 'This Ain't Hollywood' LP. (Source: Bob Bryden's website)
- May 14, 1982 - Forgotten Rebels 2nd LP, 'This Ain't Hollywood is released on Star Records. (Source: Bob Bryden's website)
- There appears to have been a limited (25 ONLY) CD pressing by Mike Shulga from Star Records. There was an attempt to get distribution for them but the $25 wholesale price was too cost prohibitive to resell them at retail.