Album: Forgotten Rebels - The Pride And Disgrace (1986)
CD Front:

Album: The Pride And Disgrace
Release Date: 1986
Label: OPM/EMI Records (OPM2105)
Format: 12" Vinyl, CD, CS

Track Listing:
1. Ethiopia
2. Sadie
3. Graveyard Rock
4. Rain
5. Little Girl
6. Hideing In Your Room
7. I Am King
8. Bomb Russia
9. Matchstick Man
10. Live Strippers
11. Underwear
12. Surfin On Heroin

13. Do You Wanna Fuck Me *
14. Bomb Khadaffi Now *

* Tracks 13-14 are hidden bonus tracks available on CD version only.

Vocals: Mickey DeSadist
Drums: Dave McGhire

- The drums were completely redone for the CD release of 'The Pride And Disgrace' by Dave McGhire.