Album: Forgotten Rebels - Nobodys Hero's (2000)
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Album: Nobodys Hero's
Release Date: September 5, 2000
Label: OPM / EMI Worldwide (OPM 2122)
Format: CD

Track Listing:
1. Hockeynite
2. The American In Me
3. No Place To Hide
4. Highschool Hookers
5. Dickwart
6. Zeros
7. New Look
8. Hey Little Girl
9. Fool Me Once
10. Crackin Me Up
11. Wasted
12. Baby Baby
13. Ready To Beat U
14. Shrink Dink

Vocals: Mickey DeSadist
Guitar: Jeffrey Campbell
Drums: Dave McGhire

- This is the first album to be recorded and owned entirely by the Forgotten Rebels.
- The album name of Nobodys Hero's is an intentional mispelling of the second album released by Stiff Little Fingers called Nobody's Heroes. Also of note is the verses in the Forgotten Rebels song Ready To Beat U are similar to the verses on Nobody's Hero by Stiff Little Fingers.