Album: Live - Last Ones Standing (2011)
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Album: Live - Last Ones Standing
Release Date: July 9, 2011
Label: Self-Released
Format: CD

Track Listing:
01. Bomb The Boats Feed The Fish
02. I Think Of Her
03. In Love With The System
04. Tell Me You Love Me
05. Angry
06. A.I.D.S.
07. Rich & Bored
08. Time To Run
09. Elvis Is Dead
10. England Keep Your Stars
11. Live Stripper In Action
12. She Said Oh
13. You're A Rebel Too
14. Hello Hello It's Me Again
15. Auto Suck
16. Super Fan
17. Fuck Me Dead (FMD)
18. Surfin' On Heroin

Vocals: Mickey DeSadist
Guitar: Jeffrey Campbell
Bass: Shawn Maher
Drums: Dan Casale

Liner Notes:
Recorded Live At Lee's Palace
Toronto, Canada February 2, 2008
By Peetr Nickle
Mixed And Mastered By
Dee Cernile & Neil McDonald
Artwork and Layout By
David Kellogg
Cover Photo Originally By
Edie Steiner Used With

Mickey Desadist - Vocals
Jeff Campbell - Guitar
Shawn Maher - Bass
Dan Casale -Drums

In memory of
Imants Krumins
the first Rebels fan
to hand over
$10 for a home-made
demo tape

- Track 15 also contains the unlisted song 'Evelyn Dick' after 'Auto Suck'
- Dee Cernile, who did the mixing and mastering of the album, is the guitarist of Sven Gali.

Available At:
Dr. Disc @ $14.99 (EMail Mark at / Payment via Paypal)

- The View (July 7-13, 2011) "...a greatest hits setlist that underscores Desadist’s abilities for satire and social commentary as much as for the band’s musical power and precision."
- 3rd Generation Nation (Nov 23, 2011): (translated from German) "18 Songs in excellent sound quality and with "She Said Oh" + "Super Fan" are even two new songs, including. The series can be easily integrated into the "Best Of" set..." (5 1/2 stars out of 6)