Album: Forgotten Rebels - Executive Outcomes (1997)
CD Front:

Album: Executive Outcomes
Release Date: August 26, 1997
Label: Bacchus Archives (BA1120-CD)
Format: CD

Track Listing:
1. In Love With The System
2. You're A Rebel, Too
3. The Punks Are Alright
4. Time To Run
5. They're Coming To Take Me Away (Live)
6. I Left My Heart In Iran (Live)
7. I Think Of Her (Live)
8. Fuck Me Dead (Live)
9. Bomb The Boats (And Feed The Fish) (Live)
10. Rich & Bored (Live)
11. Elvis Is Dead (Live)
12. Bones In The Hallway (Live)
13. Nazis (Live)
14. You're A Rebel, Too (Live)
15. Time To Run (Live)

Vocals: Mickey DeSadist