2018 NEWS
News Update: August 2, 2018

FOUR upcoming Forgotten Rebels shows in Ontario!

The fall tour schedule for Ontario has been released! The Rebels will be playing in:

London, Ontario: Oct 27, 2018
Hamilton, Ontario: Nov 10, 2018
St. Catharines, Ontario: Nov 24, 2018
Toronto, Ontario: Dec 7, 2018

The locations have not been announced yet but keep watching the gigs page for more details as more information comes in!

2017 NEWS
News Update: November 17, 2017

Forgotten Rebels in Hamilton, London, Toronto and St. Catharines!

If you missed the Rebels show in Hamilton in October you still have FOUR more chances to see them before the end of 2017! You can still catch them at Call the Office in London, Lee's Palace in Toronto and two shows at Warehouse Concert Hall in St. Catharines with one show already sold out!!!

Check out the gigs page for more details about locations and tickets!

News Update: August 21, 2017

Forgotten Rebels Play Vancouver and Victoria!

Two shows for the Rebels are coming up this week that you cannot miss if you live in BC Canada! For the first time in over 16 years they will be playing Vancouver and Victoria back to back on August 25th and August 26th. You can check them out in Vancouver at SBC on August 25th and at Logan's Pub on August 26th.

Check out the gigs page for more details about locations and tickets!

News Update: August 8, 2017


In August of 1977 Mickey Desadist formed the Forgotten Rebels, one of the best and most enduring punk bands in the world. Today, 40 years later, after many albums and uncountable gigs they are still as amazing as ever!

We are celebrating forty years of Forgotten Rebels with a ticket giveaway to their upcoming August 26th show at the epic Legends Valley Music Festival! You will win two tickets to the weekend long festival and when you arrive you will also get a FR's shirt signed by the whole band!

A Rebels based contest question will be revealed tomorrow, Wednesday August 9th at 6PM PT / 9PM ET on the FR Facebook page so get ready! The first to answer the question correctly (as per Facebook timestamp) will win the tickets (note: only your first answer will count, so do your research!). Good luck!

PS Thanks so much to Matt of Legends Valley for the donation of tickets for this contest!! You're the best!!

News Update: June 20, 2017

Forgotten Rebels Return to BC Canada!

The Forgotten Rebels will return to the stage for the epic muti-day Legends Valley Music Festival at Lake Cowichan, BC on Vancouver Island! Last year was amazing so be sure to not miss it this year. The Rebels will be performing on Saturday August 26th, more details will be updated on the gigs page as information comes in!

Full Festival Tix are available now with individual day tickets to come.

2016 NEWS
News Update: August 29, 2016

Forgotten Rebels Website Celebrates 20 Years

I can't believe that The Forgotten Rebels website is now 20 years old!!

Back in 1996 I found myself searching for information on my favourite band, the Forgotten Rebels, and wasn't able to find much more than bits and pieces. I was really surprised that this important punk band didn't have their own website so I took it upon myself to put up a webpage for them with a list of their albums, show dates and other information.

Almost immediately I was contacted by tons of Rebels fans sending me information and stories about the band to fill up the site. A couple months later the page got the attention of the band and I was contacted by Jeff Campbell giving me their blessing to become the Official Forgotten Rebels website! This was amazing, I never thought that would ever happen.

Two years later I got an email from Mickey saying that he and his friend were looking at my website and it was the first time that Mickey had ever seen a webpage on the Internet, and it was my website!! I couldn't believe it!

Seeing the Rebels live this past weekend at the Legends Valley Festival was a great gift for the twenty years I've been working on the page. The Rebels will also be hitting their 40 year anniversary in 2017 and I can't wait to see what the future brings for the band!

News Update: August 12, 2016

Another Festival Concert for the Rebels!


Next weekend, on August 20th, the Rebels will be playing the 2016 Hamilton Beer Festival at Bayfront Park in Hamilton as part of a huge two day event of beer and music!! The Rebels hit the stage at 9:45PM on Aug 20th but make sure you check out all the other bands that are playing the festival as well!!

The Festival is described as "2016 will mark the 3rd year of Hamilton Beer Festival. Join us as we venture to create an unparalleled festival experience in the heart of Hamilton!"

Tickets are $25 for the Saturday the Rebels are playing or $40 for a weekend pass. You can get more information at the Festival Website or in The Forgotten Rebels gigs section.

Also, check out the photo sent over by Shawn Maher on the right of Mike, Jeff, Shawn and Dan getting ready for their upcoming festival shows! Click for larger version.

News Update: June 15, 2016

New Canadian West Coast Show Announcement!

After 15 long years, the Forgotten Rebels return to the West Coast of Canada to play the three day Legends Valley Music Festival at Lake Cowichan, BC on Vancouver Island! The last time the Rebels were out this way was in 2001 so be sure NOT to miss this huge show!

Tickets are on sale for this event now! Check out their Facebook page and the event page for more details.

2013 NEWS
News Update: May 2, 2013

New Rebels Related 7" Vinyl Released!

There is a new Rebels related 7" out! Side A is Chris Houston and the Evelyn Dicks with the song Einstein's Brain. Side B is Mickey De Sadist with Pogo Au Gogo (Chris Houston) with a 1986 recording of Shit for Brains, an early version of the song that ended up on the FR's 1994 album Criminal Zero. The 7" was pressed on both black (980 copies) and limited white vinyl (20 copies). Head over to the discography page for more information.

You can get your copy through Schizophrenic Records or Hammer City Records.

News Update: January 19, 2013

Two New Additions To The Discography and a New Gig!

Mickey DeSadist of the Forgotten Rebels is in a documentary called The Last Pogo Jumps Again which has been in the making for about six years. This film is a sequel to the 1978 shot called The Last Pogo in which Mickey also makes a brief appearance. The film just had a private screening and they are lining up the film for the film festival circuit so we will let you know where it will be playing as soon as it is posted! Steve Mahon and Chris Houston, both previous members of the Forgotten Rebels, are also in the documentary. Head over to the discography page for more information.

Just ran across an extremely rare compilation cassette from 1988 called "Earcheck" that includes the Forgotten Rebels song "Little Girl Thrills" that was used to promote Enigma and Restless Records for the 1988 New Music Seminar in New York City. The liner notes say "From the Restless Album "Surfin' On Heroin" Mickey DeSadist" and the crew conjure up echoes of the Doors, the Stray Cats and David Bowie (to name a few), with a healthy does of National Lampoon mixed in." Take a look at the discography page for more information.

The Forgotten Rebels will be playing March 2, 2013 at The Rockpile in Etobicoke! Check out the gigs page for more details and ticket information.

2012 NEWS
News Update: November 7, 2012

The Forgotten Rebels Tribute Album Volumes One and Two!

From the press release from Brad "brado" Pine (Contact: bradleyrpine@yahoo.ca)

"Canadian punk icons The Forgotten Rebels celebrate their 35th anniversary with two tribute album releases. 2012 marks the 35th Anniversary of the Canadian revolutionary punk legends The Forgotten Rebels. To celebrate this milestone, Niagara Falls, Ontario producer Brad "brado" Pine proudly releases online for digital download (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) The Forgotten Rebels Tribute Albums Volume One & Volume Two."

"The Forgotten Rebels Tribute Albums have a true independent punk rock spirit. It's an impressive collection of independent bands from North America, Europe, and Latin America. The Forgotten Rebels Tribute Albums have some unique cover styles which differ from the classic punk rock tribute formulas you usually get. These albums definitely cross musical genres. Some of the artists on this project have totally made the songs their own in sound and style." - Brad "brado" Pine

BUY IT ON iTunes: Volume One | Volume Two
BUY IT ON Amazon.com: Volume One | Volume Two

Album Audio Clips:
Don't Die Alone | Rich & Bored | The Punks Are Alright | I Think Of Her | Me Generation | FMD | Elvis Is Dead | Rhona Barrett

News Update: July 4, 2012

Happy 35 Year Anniversary Rebels!

The world has been enjoying the Forgotten Rebels for 35 years now. Happy Anniversary to Mickey and all the boys in the band!

Here's a video of 'I Think of Her' shot at the concert at This Ain't Hollywood a week ago on June 23, 2012, courtesy of Urban Hero Magazine.

2011 NEWS
News Update: December 1, 2011

Merchandise Section Expanded!

A number of entries to the merchandise section of the site have been added including past and present buttons and shirts. The current merchandise is available in the listed stores on the page but you'll have to chase down the older merch. Happy hunting!

Review of Last Ones Standing CD!

A glowing review of the Rebel's newest release 'Live: Last Ones Standing' has been posted on the 3rd Generation Nation magazine website. The review is in German so you'll have to use Google Translate to get an approximation of what the review says.

News Update: November 7, 2011

Two New Dates For The 'Last Ones Standing' Tour!

Two additional dates have been added to the 'Last Ones Standing Tour'. Check out the gigs section for locations, ticket prices and opening bands.

Nov 26, 2011: The Alex (Alexander's Tavern)
Dec 10, 2011: Casbah

News Update: Semptember 10, 2011

Forgotten Rebels Cover Album in Talks!

Brad Pine of Malickis Happy Corn Club and solo as Brado Creamed Corn has let me know that he is currently in talks to get all the proper clearance to release the first Forgotten Rebels tribute CD! There are an amazing array of bands covering a variety of classic and newer Forgotten Rebels songs. More information on the album will come in as the talks progress.

News Update: July 9, 2011

NEW CD 'Live: Last Ones Standing' OUT NOW!

Today, July 9, 2011, the Forgotten Rebels release their first album in over a decade, 'Live: Last Ones Standing'! Before the CD release concert at 'This Ain't Hollywood' tonight the Forgotten Rebels will be at Dr. Disc in Hamilton doing a meet and greet from 2PM-4PM where you can pick up a copy of the new live CD!

Interview with Mickey in the View!

Read a great interview with Mickey in View Magazine where he talks about the Rebels new CD "Live: Last Ones Standing". Also, the Rebels new album debuted at the #21 spot on radio station CIOI in Hamilton!

News Update: June 20, 2011

New CD from Forgotten Rebels 'Live: Last Ones Standing' and tour!

The Rebels are releasing their new live album 'Last Ones Standing' on July 9, 2011 at the 'This Ain't Hollywood' concert!! This is the day that Rebels fans have been waiting for for eleven years since the last album release. The album details will be filled in as more information comes in. The 'Last Ones Standing' tour to support the new CD will start off with three dates in the Ontario area: Toronto, London and Hamilton. Check the gigs section for information and more dates as they come in.

Cover Albums Added to Discography!

A number of albums of bands with covers of Forgotten Rebels songs have been added to the discography including versions of '3rd Homosexual Murder', 'Iran' and 'Little Girl In The Snow'. Most of these albums are extremely hard to find so keep your eyes open for copies!

2010 NEWS
News Update: December 29, 2010

New Forgotten Rebels Website!

Welcome to the new Forgotten Rebels website! The site has been completely redesigned with the idea of detailed information on every gig and every album the Forgotten Rebels have released. Head over to the discography section to check out the massively expanded listing of Forgotten Rebels related releases you've probably never heard of along with pictures of the covers and liner notes. In the gigs section there will be much more expanded details of each gig along with a concert poster. In the biography section you can learn about all the past members of the Forgotten Rebels along with which albums they played on and other bands they've been in.

The new website is still expanding with the back catalogue of information I've acquired over the 15 years of operating the Rebels website! Hope you enjoy this present of a new website this holiday season and have a happy new year!

News Update: November 6, 2010

New Forgotten Rebels Album Announced!

The new Forgotten Rebels album was announced today by Mickey through Facebook! He says it will be a live album and is almost finished being mixed by Dee Cernile (guitarist of Sven Gali). The album consists of 20 songs with 2 new ones never before released! This will be the first Forgotten Rebels album released in 10 years so I'm sure all the fans are looking forward to it.

Forgotten Rebels Gig in November

The Rebels are playing on November 20th and if you live in the Hamilton area head on down and check them out at The Casbah! Check out the gigs page for more details on this upcoming show.

News Update: June 19, 2010

Forgotten Rebels Gig in June!

If you live in the Waterloo area make sure you don't miss the gig the Rebels are playing at Chainsaw on June 26th!! Check out the gigs page for more details on this upcoming show.

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to Mickey and Pam!

Today is Mickey and Pam's 11th Wedding Anniversary, congratulations. The 11th Anniversary is the STEEL anniversary so I'm sure you'll be able to find something appropriate in Hamilton for that. ;-)

News Update: February 17, 2010

A trio of Rebels Gigs in March!

If you live in London, Brantford or Hamilton Ontario you're in for a treat! The Forgotten Rebels are playing three shows in March on the 13, 20 and 27th. Check out the gigs page for more details on the upcoming shows. Don't miss them!

2009 NEWS
News Update: October 27, 2009

Missed Forgotten Rebels Gig!

The Forgotten Rebels played at the Reverb as part of NXNE on June 18, 2009! There's a review over at 'Too High To Get It Right' saying that there wasn't a very good turn out. Unfortunately I wasn't alerted to this gig or more people might have shown up. There's video on YouTube of the Rebels playing Angry and some pictures on Flickr so you can almost feel like you didn't miss it. Looks like a song, possibly from the upcoming album, called 'She Said No' was played!

News Update: June 5, 2009

New Forgotten Rebels Album!

Looks like things are shaping up for the new Forgotten Rebels album. Mickey posted May 12 on facebook that "About 1/2 the songs for the new Forgotten Rebels recording are written." and just recently that "the best Forgotten Rebels recording is yet to come!!!!!" The album is as of yet unnamed.

News Update: April 30, 2009

Forgotten Rebels in Another Documentary!

The documentary The Last Pogo Jumps Again is set for release in March 2010. This movie is a followup to the 1978 film The Last Pogo

News Update: April 27, 2009

New Rebels Gig in May!

Rebels will be playing a gig in Ontario at 'Call The Office' on May 9, 2009! Get out there and show your support for the boys! Check out the gigs page for more details.

2008 NEWS
News Update: November 14, 2008

Rebels Play the HMAs as part of Teenage Head Tribute!

Hope you got a chance to check out the Teenage Head Tribute on November 14, 2008 featuring The Forgotten Rebels, Gord Lewis, Steve Mahon, Jack Pedler with the opening act of Rackula. Check out the gigs page for more details.

2007 NEWS
News Update: October 25, 2007

Forgotten Rebels Recording Live Album at Upcoming Gig!

I just got word that the Rebels are recording a live album at an upcoming show in Hamilton. I can only guess it's to be in conjunction with this year being the 30th Anniversary of the Forgotten Rebels! If you want to be part of history, make sure you make it to the show on Friday November 23, 2007 at the Casbah Lounge!

News Update: July 9, 2007

Forgotten Rebels part of Music Festival

Rebel will be playing on Sunday July 22, 2007 as part of the SCENE Music Festival in St. Catharines, Ontario. Go for the Rebels and stay for the rest of the bands!

News Update: June 7, 2007

New Rebels Gig In July and Rebels Communities

There's a new Forgotten Rebels Gig in July. Rebels will be playing at The Underground on July 6, 2007! Go out there and show your support for 30 years of Rebels.

I've added three new communities to the links page! Go check out the Rebels pages on Wikipedia, Facebook and MySpace.

News Update: March 4, 2007

More Rebels Movie Showings!

Douglas Crawford's great documentary 'The Punks Are Alright', featuring The Forgotten Rebels, will be screened in Phillipines, Ecuador, Poland, Italy soon. Check the movie's myspace page here: http://myspace.com/thepunksarealright for more information.

News Update: January 22, 2007

Happy 30th plus Two Rebels Gigs!

It was this year 30 years ago in 1977 that Mickey started the legendary punk band 'The Forgotten Rebels'. Thirty short years later they are far from 'Forgotten'. Happy 30th Birthday Forgotten Rebels!

Two upcoming Forgotten Rebels gigs to start off 2007! There is one gig in London and one in Toronto for your listening and dancing enjoyment. Make sure you yell out "Happy 30th anniversary Rebels!" at the two gigs.

If you haven't checked out The Forgotten Rebels on YouTube, you're missing out. Just about all the videos are up on there plus many rare and fan made videos.

2006 NEWS
News Update: November 9, 2006

Mickey DeSadest Solo Gig!

Mickey is playing at The Underground - 41 Catharine St. N - Hamilton, Ontario - The Mickey DeSadist Show of The Forgotten Rebels. Mickey's solo 3 piece act with guests Lorrainas / Sam Lawrence 5. Tix $10: You get a wristband to other venues that night as this will be the Hamilton Muisc Awards weekend.

News Update: October 19, 2006

Additional Forgotten Rebels Documentary Screenings In Brazil!!

Douglas Crawford's great documentary 'The Punks Are Alright', featuring The Forgotten Rebels, will be screened in Brazil on October 20, 21, 31.

More information on the screening in Brazil.

News Update: September 6, 2006

More Forgotten Rebels Documentary Screenings!!

Douglas Crawford's great documentary 'The Punks Are Alright', featuring The Forgotten Rebels, will be screened in Geulph in early November 2006 and further screenings will be in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Switzerland, Austin Texas and Atlanta. Douglas is going to try to get Mickey to come out to the screening in Guelph so keep your eyes open! The film may be shown in conjunction with the Guelph International Film Festival.

News Update: April 3, 2006

Forgotten Rebels Documentary Screening In Manchester, UK!!

Douglas Crawford's great documentary 'The Punks Are Alright', featuring The Forgotten Rebels, will be screened at the Commonwealth Film Festival in Manchester, UK on April 29, 2006! 'ComFEST will present the very best in world cinema with over 200 new features, shorts and documentaries from many of the 71 nations of the Commonwealth.'

"A Punk Safari from the First World to the Third: Punk music is probably the most political music movement with its confrontational frankness of expression and social and political relevance. The Punks are Alright profiles three punk bands from three parts of the world, Forgotten Rebels from Canada, Blind Pigs from Brazil and Superman Is Dead from Kuta in Bali. Connected through their music we get an insightful social commentary about young people’s perception about the world around them."

News Update: January 31, 2006

Forgotten Rebels Documentary Released!!

Douglas Crawford's documentary 'The Punks Are Alright', featuring The Forgotten Rebels, recently premiered at Jakarta International Film festival this past Dec 12 & 17 to two sold out screenings!

"Exploring human connection and the unifying power of music, the film begins its journey with the cult Canadian punk band The Forgotten Rebels, an indie institution that has been making catchy, offensive songs since 1977."

If you would like to host a screening of the movie please contact Douglas Crawford at punksarealright@yahoo.com.

Additional news stories on the documentary: thejakartapost.com (1), thejakartapost.com (2), baliblog.com.

New Gig In February

February 18, 2006 - Kathedral (The Big Bop) - 651 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario - with the 3Tards and guests!

2005 NEWS
News Update: December 14, 2005

Mickey Wins for 'Best Punk Recording'!

On Thursday November 24, 2005 at the Hamilton Music Awards Mickey won the award for the 'Best Punk Recording' for his solo album 'Welcome To My Basement'! Congrats Mickey!

"FORGOTTEN REBELS: If there was a Hamilton Music Award for best-dressed musician, Mickey De Sadist would have won it. Unfortunately, he had to settle Sunday for the award for best punk recording (which he deserved, of course). If you missed Mickey at the award's show, you can see him with his band, The Forgotten Rebels, tomorrow night at the Undergroud (41 Catharine N.) with Britney's Krack (they're releasing a new CD, too). $15. Doors open at 9 p.m."

News Update: November 9, 2005

Two more gigs added!

November 26: Call The Office - 216 York Street London, Ontario - $14 advance / $15 door. show starts at 10:00
November 25: The Underground - 41 Catharine St. N - Hamilton, Ontario - BRITNEY's KRACK CD Release, THE RESPONSIBLES, NON-PASSIVE RESISTANCE - Door: 8:30 / Show:9:15 - Tickets: Advance tickets at Casbah Lounge, Dr.Disc, Reigning Sound, Screamin' Mimi's and Sonic Unyon Store.

Check the gigs section for updates!

At some of the recent gigs at least three new songs have been played! "She Said Oh!", "Superfan", and one that nobody has determined the name of yet. Keep your ears open!

News Update: October 7, 2005

Gigs Gigs Gigs!!

You can see the Rebels at four different locations this fall!

October 15 - Fiddler's Green - 12 Water St. Cambridge, Ontario
October 29 - Lee's Palace - Toronto, Ontario
End of November - Hamilton, Ontario (Exact date/place soon!)
End of November - London, Ontario (Exact date/place soon!)

News Update: February 17, 2005

Rebels In Echo Weekly!

There's a great interview with Mickey in this weeks Echo Weekly! that all Rebel fans should check out! I have the interview archived here in case the original article is taken offline.

Also, you can see the Forgotten Rebels live this Saturday at Fiddler's Green.

Saturday February 19, 2005
Fiddler's Green
12 Water St. Cambridge, ON
(519) 622-5270.
Doors open at 8.00pm
Playing with The Decay and The Rottn